It is really easy to integrate OSI Affiliate Software with your shopping cart. Just watch this short getting started video below to see how simple it is.

Software Integration

Step 1. Click on Set Up Software from your admin dashboard.

Step 2. Click on Link software to my Store link.

Step 3. Select your shopping cart from the list and then follow the instructions. If you do not find your shopping cart from the list, choose General and it will work on most shopping cart systems. 


Step 4. Once you're done with the integration, test your affiliate program by checking out our video about testing.

Promotional Options

Click on Resources from your admin dashboard to access Promotional Options.

Click on Learn More to utilize these free promotional options.

Easily Enroll All Your Customers

Email all your customers announcing the launch of your affiliate program.

Send all your customers an email with a direct enrollment link to join by just selecting a password.

Directory Listing

Get listed in our to ranked affiliate directory and recruit influencers and affiliate marketers from around the world.

Promotion on Our Blog

Sign up to have a featured article written about your company for the high authority OSI Affiliate Blog.

Thank You Page Pop Up Survey

Add a dynamic pop up to the thank you page to get feedback and automatically enroll customers into your referral program.

Transactional Emails

See how to promote your affiliate program in your order transaction emails and why this is so important.