Omnistar Affiliate software provides four unique ways in which you can sign up affiliate users to your account. You may select any of the four ways to add affiliates as shown below.

1. The Affiliate Sign up Widget: 

The most recommend way of getting affiliates to sign up for your program is through our affiliate sign up widget. This widget can be added to any page of your web site and it allows your prospective affiliates to sign up by simply adding their email address.  Upon adding their email address, they will be immediately added to your program and sent an email with their referral link and link to their user control panel. After they enter their email, they will also be taken to the social share widget section where they can immediately start referring their friends and family through email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. To set up this sign up page option, login to your admin control panel and go to Getting Started -> Setup Sign up Page and follow the direction from there. Once the sign up page is added to your site, it will look like the example shown below:

2. Interface Sign up Option:

Omnistar also offers a customizable sign up interface option that you can link to from your web site and have affiliates sign up. This interface has a main page where you can add all the content describing your program and three large sign up buttons that the affiliates can click on to go to the complete sign up form. You can add your own logo and customize some of the colors to this interface shown below:

Note: Please contact Omnistar Support to have this option enabled for you.

3. Sign-up Page Site Integration

If the you do not want to use the widget option nor the link to our interface to sign up affiliates, we also offer an option where you can embed the complete affiliate sign up form into any page of your web site. To setup this option, login to the admin control panel, click on Getting Started -> Customize Interface and then click the link that says "integrate the registration form into your existing site". From there you can setup the form and customize the options. Upon the completion of the setup, you will be provided the complete HTML code for the form that you can use to embed into any page of your site. Once the form is embedded it will look like the example below. You can feel free to use your own Web site CSS style settings to customize the look of the form.

Note: Please contact Omnistar Support to have this option enabled for you.


4. Manually Add Affiliates From Admin Area:

If you do not want affiliate users to sign up themselves, but you would rather manually add them from the admin control panel, you can do this by going to Manage Users -> Add Users as shown below: