Omnistar Affiliate software provides three unique ways in which you can sign up affiliate users to your account. You may select any of the three ways to add affiliates as shown below.

1. Interface Sign up Option:

Omnistar also offers a customizable signup interface option that you can link to from your web site and have affiliates sign up. This interface has a main page where you can add all the content describing your program and three large sign up buttons that the affiliates can click on to go to the complete sign up form. You can add your own logo and customize some of the colors to this interface shown below. To customize and launch this page, simply click on Configure Sign Up Page from your admin area.

2. Integrated sign up page option 

To get your affiliates to sign up, you can simply integrate a signup page into your site.  In order to have this, all you have to do is add a snippet of code, we can also help you with this. Here is an example from a client that has done that with their sign up page.

Embedded sign up page example:


Embedded login page example:

3. Manually add users from admin control panel.

On your admin dashboard click users, manage users and then Add User:

Add the user info as shown below: