The OSI Affiliate software has a settings section of the administrative control panel that allows you to control various settings within the software. To access the settings section, click on the Getting started Drop down tab and go down to settings. Here is an explanation of each field on this page that you can update.

1. Logo Displayed in Admin Area
You can easily browse in your own logo to appear at the top left of the admin area by clicking the “Choose File” button and selecting your own logo from your computer to add.

2. Delete My Logo
If you would like to remove a logo that you have added and revert back to the Omnistar logo, simply check this box and click the update button at the bottom of the page.

3. Require Affiliate User Approval
If you check this box all affiliates that sign up will need to be approved by the admin before they can login as an affiliate. When the sign up they will just see a message that says there affiliate account is pending approval. As an administrator you will get notified via email of this pending sign up and you will be able to go to the Affiliate Users tab in the admin area and then the approve affiliate users option. You will then be able to just click the “Approve Now” link next to any of the pending affiliates that you want to approve.

4. Time Zone
You can set the time zone of your location so that all sales and invoice records will have the correct time and date stamp.

5. View Advanced Settings
By clicking this link, you will be able to expand the list and view the additional advanced settings.

6. Affiliate User Invoice Notification
If this option is checked the affiliate user will receive an email when the administrator marks an invoice as paid.

7. Language
If you would like to display the affiliate user interface in another language, you can do that. Before changing this drop down option, you first will need to request secure FTP access to the current English language file via FTP. The language file is stored in this location lib/langpack/english.php. Once you download the file you will need to translate all the text to the language you want. Once you do that, you can save the file and call it the name of the language you just translated it to. For example, you can call it german.php if you translated it to German. Then once you translate the file you need to upload it back to our server. Once you have uploaded it back to the directory:
lib/langpack, you can then go back to the settings page and select your new language from the drop down list and then click update. Please note that this will only translate the Affiliate user area. It will not translate the admin control panel.

8. Cookie Lifetime
This time period shows how long the browser cookie will remain active. When someone clicks an affiliate link browser cookies will be set on their computer with an expiration date based on the amount of days you put here. So if someone clicks on the affiliate link and goes to your site, they can return to make a purchase within 60 days for the affiliate to still get credit for the referred sale. You can make this time period longer or shorter, however 60 days is the recommend value.

9. Enable Replication
If this option is checked the affiliate user will receive a link to a replicated page that they can use to promote instead of the standard affiliate link. Prior to enabling this option you will have to follow the instructions for replication which include getting FTP access to our server, creating an HTML page that you want replicated and then uploading that page to the /replicate folder via FTP on your account.

10. Minimum Payout Amount
By setting an amount in this field the software will automatically mark an invoice as “Pay This Invoice” when it reaches the entered amount.

11. Close Invoice Once Minimum Payout Reached
You have the option of automatically marking the invoice as closed when it reaches the specified amount in the previous field. If you want to close the invoice when it reaches the entered amount then you should check the checkbox.

12. Transaction ID monitoring
Transaction ID Monitoring is used to prevent abuse. If the Transaction ID Monitoring is set, then if a sale is made the software will examine the Transaction ID and if a sale comes in within the time entered for this field the software will look at the Transaction ID of the sale that came in and if the Transaction ID is identical to any sale that was made within the specified time then the software will not record the new sale because it is probably fraud. If you activate this field then make sure you pass the Transaction ID with every order. The recommended time is 24 hours for this field. Also, this feature can be disabled by setting this field to 0. This is an optional feature of the software.

13. Sign Up Bonus
If you would like to give your affiliates a bonus as soon as they sign up to become an affiliate, fill in the amount here.

14. Currency symbol
You can change the currency symbol that appears on all sales and invoice records with the symbol that you put in this field.

15. Sign-up Redirection Link
You can specify the url of any page that you want people to go to after they sign up to become an affiliate. If you leave this blank, they will go to a standard affiliate sign up thank you page.

16. Logout Redirection
You can specify any url of a page that you want affiliates to go to once they logout of the affiliate user area. By default they will go to the affiliate main user page.

17. Affiliate Link format
The recommended link option is the option which uses the #oid=2 format because it is search engine friendly and will give you SEO benefits. Alternatively you can also use the clean link option which is just With this option it will require your affiliate to provide the exact url of the site that they will be linking to your site from.

18. Require Terms and Service Acceptance
If this option is checked your affiliates will be required to check the box on the affiliate sign up page agreeing to your terms of service.

19. Enable Unique IP Counter (clicks/impressions)
This option will allow you to see the total unique clicks from different people that you get on the affiliate links and banners.

20. Redirection URL after Sale Track
If you would like to redirect the customers to specific url after a sale is tracked, you can specify that URL here.