1:- Login to your Admin panel and click  "Campaigns".

2: Then Click "Manage Marketing Tools " and Click "Add Social Share Widget" .

3:  At top you will see a link says "Set Up Sign up Widget Now" Click there.

4: At this page. First you need to select the program and click on Customize Link, You can Design Email module or Design Share Module and configure it accordingly and press "Save" to continue. 

5: After saving , Last step to get it is click on"Get Code Now" which will show you two snippet of codes. First Code you need to add at the page you wanted the widget. 2nd Code will help controlling the widget, could be in HTML page etc.

6: Now second part of the widget is to "Design Share Module" which will allow you to customize Social Share Modules like "Email,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn" . You can also white list websites/domains through this. which will help your widget just on specific sites.