Omnistar Affiliate software also provides you with the ability to setup a lead tracking program. Lead tracking give you the ability to track leads to your web site by simply adding tracking code to your site. For example if you want to track the amount of people that fill out a sign up form that has been referred by one of your affiliates, you can setup this lead tracking program.

To setup a lead tracking program, please do these steps:

1. Login to your OSI Affiliate Admin area.

2. Click on Referral Programs

3. Then click the “Add” button

4. Complete all of the fields of the first page of the setup and for the *Commission Type Field, you should select “Forget rewarding my users. only keep track of the number of leads they send me". Keep track of number of leads only”

5. Scroll down and click the next page button to continue the setup.

6: For step 2 select " Send Directly to My Store" and click finish.

7. Once you have done all the steps above you are all set to track leads.