If you have the BigCommerce Shopping cart and you want to make sure referred affiliate sales from mobile devices are tracked correctly, you should follow the directions below

You first should check to see if you have a responsive template. If you do have a responsive templete, then you do not need to do anything special to insure that sales are tracked from mobile devices.   Follow these instructions to see if you have a responsive theme:

1. Go to Settings › Store Setup › Design.
**In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Design.

2. Hover over your current theme's thumbnail image, then click the information ("i") icon.

The information icon.

3. Check the info and details sections of the popup; if the theme is responsive, it will be listed as such in one of these two sections.

Information popup example.

If your theme is not responsive, we highly recommend enabling the mobile theme by following the steps below.

Enabling the Mobile Theme in a non-responsive Template

1. Login the the admin area of your BigCommerce account.

2. Go to Settings › Store Setup › Design, then click the Mobile tab.

** In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Design.

3. Check the box marked Yes, enable the mobile theme.

4. Save your changes.

Now that you have enabled the Mobile version of your theme, you will need to download the default.html Mobile theme file and add your landing page code to that file by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings › Server Settings › File Access (WebDAV).
**In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & Tools › File Access (WebDAV).

2. You will see the following login information:

  • WebDAV Path - the path (server) of your store, which will be your store's temporary URL followed by /dav
  • WebDAV Server Type - WebDAV (HTTPS/SSL) - the type of server used
  • WebDAV Username - this will be the store owner's email address
  • WebDAV Password - this will be a long string of random numbers and letters

WebDAV credentials page

3. If you need to create another account that can access WebDAV, you can do so by creating a user and enabling WebDAV. Use the new user's email address for the user name, and the password in that user's WebDAV sectionfor the WebDAV password. The Path and Server Type will be the same.

The WebDAV section for an individual user.

4. Now that you have Enabled the WebDav Connection, you can use any FTP program to connect to the WebDave of your account with the information shown above.

5. Once you connect, download the default.html file open it up in a text editor and then add the landing page code to this file just as you did in the design section shown in Step 1. This code can go right before the closing body tag.

6. Once you have saved the default.html file, you should then upload it to the Mobile folder in your WebDav Connection.

You are now all set to track referred orders from affiliates of customers that purchase using mobile devices.