How To Setup a Shopify Affiliate program

Integrating Shopify with OSI Affiliate Software is very easy. Follow the steps shown in the Shopify Affiliate Software integration video and you will integrate Shopify with OSI Affiliate Software in 3 minutes.

This wizard will walk you through setting up your initial referral program. Once you are finished with the setup process, you will be able to access the dashboard to further customize the software. Add your initial referral program by filling in the fields below.

To get started, fill in your referral program name.

Step 2. Put the description of your program. It will be visible to users. Put the link of your website.

Note: All of these settings can be later changed from your admin control panel.

Step 3. CLick on next. In this step you should enter how you will compensate users to send you a successful sale. You can pay them a percentage of the sale or a flat fee. 

Once you finish this initial step, you will have more customization options. Click on next.

Step 4. Select Shopify as your ecommerce platform. Click on next.

Follow the steps below to setup the software. If you want us to setup the software for you then you can fill out the form here.

Select Shopify from the drop down list. Copy the code shown below.

Step 6. 

1. Login to your Shopify admin panel.

2. Now to add the sales tracking code, click the "Settings" link on the left navigation and then click "Checkout".

3. Now scroll down and Go to the "Additional Content & Scripts" section and copy & paste the following code.