Watch this video tutorial to see how to integrate PayPal with OSI Affiliate Software. Right below the video you will see the detailed step by step guide.

First login to your admin control panel. Next, click on Getting Started on the left navigation and then click on Easy System Integration.

Step 1
Add the provided landing page code from the Easy System Integration page to your landing page.

Step 2
Next, scroll down to the bottom of the Easy System Integration page and select PayPal from the shopping cart drop down. 

Step 3
Embed the provided code within your PayPal button.

Step 4
That is it. The software is now integrated with PayPal. You can go ahead and test to see if it works.

Now you should test the affiliate program by creating a test user from your user area. Once you create a test user, sign in as that test user and click on the link "Marketing Materials" and then click on the affiliate link that is shown. Next you should go through the entire process of completing an order with your shopping cart or order form by using a test credit card. Once you go through the process then you can make sure the test user received credit for the sale. If you are having problems you can submit a request and our team will look into it for you.