Affiliate Software General Method Integration 

Use the General method to integrate OSI Affiliate Software with your custom shopping cart or checkout process.

To integrate using the General method, go to your easy system integration wizard and select General from the drop-down list.

The general integration method involves adding an invisible javascript code or a hidden image tag to the thank you page or the order confirmation page that is displayed to customers when the payment is processed.

Copy and embed the provided javascript code into your thank you page or order confirmation page.

The code will look something like this

function hideIF() { 
document.getElementById('IF').style.display = '';
function getSaleInfo() {
document.getElementById('st_code').innerHTML='<iframe src="" alt="" id=IF width=50 height=50 border="0" frameborder="0" onload="hideIF()">';
window.onload = getSaleInfo;
<div id="st_code"></div>

Transaction=B - Should be populated with the transaction id or order id for this order.
Amount=15 - Should be populated with the amount for this order.

That's it. That is all you need to do for integrating OSI Affiliate Software using the General method.

If you would like our technical team to integrate the software for you then you can send us a request