If you would like to create your own unique landing page for your affiliates rather than having them just use their affiliate link to go to your site you may do this.  For example you could create a unique page for them at a location like this:  http://www.yourdomain.com/jim

The landing page can then link to your site where you are selling your products and services and the affiliate will get credit for referring the sale.

Step 1. From the Admin Dashboard, click "Users".

Step 2. Across the specific Affiliate User, click the "Edit" icon to open the "Update User" page.

Step 3. On the "Update User" page, click the link saying "Create a page for this User".

Step 4. Select the Referral Program and copy the Code as shown below.

(Please Note: In the code shown above please replace osidemo.ositracker.com with your actual Omnistar URL)

In order for this to work, you or your affiliate can create a unique landing page and then they simply need to add the code shown above to the <head> section of the html of the page.

Once you have added the code above, our software will track all referred sales coming from that page.