If you would like to create a custom page for any of your affiliates that they can point people to without giving our their unique affiliate link we offer the ability for you to do this.  This feature will enable specific tracking for affiliates from a unique page that you setup. To set this up please follow the instructions below:

1. Create your own page for a particular affiliate off of your web site. If your Shopping cart or web site system allows you to create subpages, you can go there to do that. If your site was designed by a developer you can have them create this page for you. If you would like to brand the page for the affiliate, you can simply put there name and info on this page. 

2. Once you have the page create, you will need to get the affiliates unique code to add to this page. To get this code go to Manage Users -> Manage Users -> Then click to edit the users you want to get the code for. At the top of the affiliates record, click the link the says "Create a page for this user" shown here:



3. Once you click this link you will see code as shown below that you can copy and paste into your page:



4. When you save your newly created page we recommend giving it a file name that is easy for the affiliate like:


This will make it easy for the affiliate to give out via email, phone or even on a business card.