Omnistar Affiliate Software comes with the following five fraud protection features built in.

I. Transaction ID and Order ID Monitoring

1. If you go to: Settings from the top right of the admin control panel or when you click Software Settings under Getting Started on the left navigation menu, there is a field called:
Transaction Id Monitoring

The Transaction Id (A.K.A Order Id) Monitoring is used to prevent abuse. If the Transaction Id Monitor is set and a sale is made the software will examine the Transaction Id and if another sale comes in within the time entered for this field the software will look at the Transaction Id of the sale that came in and if the Transaction Id is identical to any sale that was made within the specified time then the software will not record the sale because it is probably fraud. If you activate this field then make sure you pass the Transaction Id within our tracking code on the thank you page. Also, make sure the Transaction id is unique. The recommended time is 24 hours for this field. Also, this feature can be disabled by setting this field to 0. This is an optional feature.

II. Unique Click / Impression Fraud Protection

From the same Settings section, you will see an option:
Enable Unique IP Counter (clicks / impressions):

Most users do not need to worry about this feature because it is only used if you are paying your affiliate users for the clicks or impressions they send you. This method is not recommended for most affiliate marketers. It is recommended that you pay affiliate users if they send you a sale, so you really have nothing to lose. However, we do have some users who want to pay their affiliate users based upon clicks or impressions, so we have built this fraud protection. If you are paying your affiliate users based on clicks or impressions, our software will make sure to only award the affiliate user for unique clicks or impressions if this option is checked. It is recommended that if you are paying affiliate users for clicks or impressions that you turn on this option and only pay them for unique clicks. The software will examine the IP address and make sure it is unique.

III. Require Admin Approval for User Sign-up

Still in the same Settings section you will see an option:
Require Affiliate User Approval:

If this option is turned on then any new affiliate user that signs up will have to be approved by the administrator. We recommend you turn on this option and verify who you allow to sign up for your affiliate program. You want to check the business is valid and has a valid phone number and web site.

IV. Prevent Duplicate Sales

You can easily prevent duplicate sales with Omnistar Affiliate Software. From the admin control panel click on Manage Affiliate Program under Setup Affiliate Program and then click on Add Affiliate Program and go to step 2. There is a field:

Time to wait before accepting a sale from the same IP:

This field is used to prevent duplicate transactions. The amount of time you enter in this field is the number of minutes that the system will wait before it counts additional sales from the same IP. You can leave this field blank if you do not want to use it. The purpose of this field is to make sure if someone hits refresh on the thank you page then the sale is not counted more than once. This field is only used if you are awarding affiliate users based on sales and not if you are awarding affiliate users based on clicks or impressions.

V. Verify All Sales

You can easily set it up where the administrator has to verify all sales to make sure the commission is not fraud. Once the sale is verified then it can be added to the software. Before the sale is verified it is added to a special temporary location. To setup this option you should click on the Manage Affiliate Programs under the Setup Affiliate Programs section of the left navigation menu and then click on add an affiliate program and go to step 2 and you will see an option:

“All sales from this affiliate program must be approved before being added to the system”

Simply check this option and then when a new sale is received it will have to be approved before it is added to the affiliate users invoice. Once you search for the sale in the software you will see a column called Approved and in that column their will be a link “Approve Now”. All you have to do is click that link to approve the sale.