Once you have integrated and tested OSI Affiliate Software with WordPress, the next step should be to market your affiliate program to recruit affiliates. Here are some ideas on how you can market your WordPress affiliate program.

  1. Join affiliate forums. You can do a search on google for "affiliate forums" and join the top affiliate forums. Make sure to follow the forum rules and guidelines when participating in the forums. This is probably one of the best methods to market and grow your affiliate program.
  2. Advertise it to current customers. Send out an email asking your customers to join your affiliate program. Since they already like and know your product, they will make great affiliates.
  3. Advertise the program on your website by adding links to the navigation or footer section.
  4. Submit your affiliate program to top affiliate directories. Do a search on Google to find the top affiliate directories and submit your affiliate program to the directory.
  5. Approach bloggers in your niche and ask them if they want to join your program and promote you. Mention that you will be paying them commissions for every successful sale they send you.
  6. Create a GREAT affiliate program. This is also another top idea on how to market easily to affiliates. Make sure your affiliate program is great and is giving value to affiliates. Have enticing offers and deals that affiliates will not turn down.

These are some of the ideas that you can use to attract affiliates and make your affiliate program successful.