WordPress website owners sell more when they create an affiliate program for their website. Using OSI Affiliate Software helps you create a in-house affiliate program that you can use to increase sales and market your products. OSI Affiliate Software has many benefits for WordPress businesses including:

  1. Getting more sales from affiliate marketing
  2. Marketing your product to your target audience
  3. Saving money by only paying for successful sales
  4. Having your own personal marketing team
  5. Improving your search engine rankings
  6. Not paying affiliate network fees
  7. Only paying your affiliates; we DO NOT take a percentage of your conversions
  8. Creating unlimited affiliate programs
  9. Having as many affiliates as you want in your program
  10. Paying us only a monthly fee; no hidden fees :-)

These are just some of the many benefits that you will get when you create your own affiliate program using OSI Affiliate Software.