You can easily integrate MailChimp into your Omnistar affiliate marketing software.

To integrate you will need your API Key and List ID from your MailChimp account.

To receive the API Key from MailChimp go to: "API Key and Info" from your Account link within MailChimp.

Next, get your List ID. To receive the List ID : go to "list settings and unique id" once you pull up your list and you click on settings you will see the LIst ID.

Now, go to your affiliate software and click "Settings" on the top right or click on "Software Settings" under Getting Started on the left navigation. Then click on the "Third Party Integration" button.

Click MailChimp Integration. Now, check the box for "Use MailChimp" and then enter the API Key and List ID and click Update.

Your Omnistar affiliate marketing software is now integrated with MailChimp.