Follow these steps to make it easy for your affiliates to promote you on Twitter by enabling the OSI Affiliate Software Twitter Integration.

From your admin control panel, click on the SETTINGS link from the top right.

Next, click on the THIRD PARTY INTEGRATION button.

Then, click on the TWITTER INTEGRATION button.

On the Twitter integration page, click Add New Twitter Message button.

From this page you can add a customized message that your affiliate users can use to promote you on Twitter.

  1. First, select the affiliate program you want promoted on twitter.
  2. Second, add the message that will be displayed to your affiliates twitter followers when your affiliates share your customized message. Also, make sure to include the affiliate's link in the twitter message by using the variable %link%
  3. Click UPDATE

You have now added a customized message that your affiliates can use to promote your business in Twitter.

Your affiliates can share this Twitter message when they go to RESOURCES in their affiliate control panel section.