You have successfully signed up for an affiliate program that uses OSI Affiliate Software which is the leader in affiliate marketing software. This knowledge base article will help you to start promoting the affiliate program you have signed up for. It is very simple.


The dashboard displays your overall performance within last 30 days.

Clicks - number of clicks made to their affiliate link/social media links
Unique clicks - number of clicks from different IP addresses
Impressions - number of views of social media banners
Conversions - number of sales/leads generated
Commissions Earned - the amount of monetary commissions earned (excluding rewards)

To get started promoting the affiliate program you signed up for, follow these steps:

Step 1: On your affiliate user control panel home page, under Promotional Link, copy the link.

Step 2: Select an Offer
You are now given an affiliate link that you can use to advertise the selected affiliate program. Also, some affiliate programs give you the choice to advertise using banner pages or other promotional methods. If the selected affiliate program has additional options, you will see those options when you go to the offer section. All of the sales generated by these links will be credited to you.

Promotional Methods

Affiliate Link - share this link to your network and they'll be routed to an order page.

Pre-written email message - click on Copy and paste it to your email program for you to send.

Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn  - click on Share to promote on social media.

Deep Linking  -Click on Create link to a specific page. We allow you to link to any page on our website instead of going to the normal landing page. Therefore, from this area, you can create a link to a product page and advertise our products to your friend. Enter the link below and click the button and we will create a new link that you can use.

Step 3: That’s it! You can now start promoting this affiliate program with the affiliate link and other options provided and the software will start keeping track of your success and commission.

My Rewards

You can view your Rewards and Commissions in this page.

Click on View Details to see the sales generated for a specific invoice.

My Profile

This is where you can change your dashboard password and update your personal information.


This is where you can see the breakdown of your performance by choosing a specific Referral program and/or Selecting a Date.

Sub ID Tracking

To set up alternate versions of your affiliate link so that you can use it in multiple places and track the success of it in these different places, follow the directions below.

For example, if you are advertising on Google you could use a link like this:

Note: Just add an / at the end of your link and any text to identify your new link.

Contact Us

Launches your email program for you to send an email to support.