If you are currently using LeadPages to collect leads for your site and you would like to use Omnistar Affiliate Software to get Affiliates to refer more leads to you, follow the instructions below to see how to set this up.

** Please note that this LeadBox described below can be added to any page of your existing web site.

1. Login to your LeadPages account and select the LeadBoxes tab shown here:



2. Select “Create a New LeadBox”:



3. Select your industry and click continue:


4. Under Integration settings, select “Other”:


5. To get the OSI Affiliate Software Integration code, get into the Admin Dashboard and click "Campaigns".

 6. Under "Manage Marketing Tools", click "Add Social Share Widget".


7. At this page scroll down and you will see Other Integration Options Under that click on the link says "Learn More".

8. It will Take you to next page where it says Integrate with Website and down there you will see different optional buttons First Click at "integrated Affiliate Sign Up page with my Web Site".


9. Now you are at Manage Sign Up Form Pages. Now click "Create New Form".

10. Here you need to Fill up required fields and Click "Add".

11. After Adding you will Get a snippet of Code which will look like this and you can simply integrate it into any page of your website.


12. Click the “Copy” button to copy the code above and then go back to your LeadBox and select “Other” under “Integrate Form With” and then paste the code that you copied into the box shown here:


13. Click Okay and confirm integration changes:


14. Click Publish to Publish your changes:


15. Select to have your LeadBox displayed as a link, button or your own custom image shown here:

16. To add the LeadBox button to your site, just select the HTML code below and copy and paste it to your site where you want the button or link to appear:


Congratulations!! You are now all set to add the lead boxes button to your site so you can start getting affiliates to sign up for your Affiliate program.

The next steps will be to integrate the Omnistar Affiliate lead tracking code into your LeadPages so that you can track all of the referred leads that these affiliates send you. To see how to setup this tracking code integration, click on the link below:

PART 2. Omnistar Affiliate Softare LeadPages Tracking Code Integration