When your affiliates register you may be collecting the bare minimum amount of information to make it easy for them to sign up, however you may eventually need to collect the rest of their contact info so that you can pay them their commissions. To make it easy for them to update their profile, you can include a special link in any of the system emails that will take them to a profile update page which will force them to update their profile before they can continue on to their affiliate user area dashboard.  To add this special link to any of the system emails, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. From the Admin Dashboard, click on "Set Up software".

Step 2. Under "Settings", click on "System Emails".

Step 3. Click on any system email like the "Registration Form (New)" shown below.

Step 4. In the email you may add the variable %PROFILE_NONAV% wherever you want the update profile button to appear and you can edit the text of the button by adding the text where it says "Text For Profile Update Button:"

Step 5. When your affiliates receive the email and click the Profile update button, that will be taken to a page shown below where they will have to update their profile before they can continue.