Omnistar provides many options when creating an affiliate program, one option is the ability to setup a recurring affiliate program. This will allow you to offer a recurring monthly commission to affiliates that send you referred sales. A recurring commission is usually appropriate if you are providing a service where you charge an ongoing fee which could be monthly, quarterly, annually or any frequency. When charging an ongoing fee it is usually customary to provide your affiliates with an ongoing commission. Offering a recurring commission can even be an extra incentive for affiliates to refer people to you because they know that they will be getting an ongoing commission. 

Setting up a recurring affiliate program with Omnistar Affiliate Software is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. Create your recurring referral program.

Go to Campaigns

Step 2.  Click the add button to create your program. 

Step 3. After you fill in the required fields click the "Show Advanced Settings" link. 

Step 4. Select "Yes" next to the recurring option and set your commission Type to "Match Email" if you are using a membership subscription system like Stripe. and click Continue.

Step 5. At Step2 ,  Check the  "Send Diretly to My Store" and Press Finish to complete the processes.

Now that you have created your referral program through your admin area, the final steps will be to add our sales tracking code to your membership registration thank you confirmation page. This is the page that people get to once they have successfully registered and paid for your service.

Go to your admin dashboard and click "settings"  Then the link " I want to get code to insert on my Thank you page"

Select your shopping-cart and you will get Code to copy 

 Copy the code shown and add it to your order thank you page.