How to Integrate Chargify with Omnistar Affiliate Software

Chargify, founded in 2011 as a separate LLC company, is platform and online service that automates recurring billings, related emails, signup process, and many more features. It is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The Chargify API featuring a RESTful interface that allows programmers to integrate this service into their websites easily.

The Omnistar Affiliate Software integration with the Chargify recurring billing platform can be done by following the steps below.

STEP 1. Create new Chargify account. If you already have Chargify account and set it up then skip this step.

Fill out the Free Trial form shown below and setup your products after login

Click ‘Integrations’ after login and add ‘New API v1 Key’


Note down ‘Your API v1 Key’


Click ‘Setup’


Create ‘Public Signup Page’


Add ‘Return URL after successful signup’ i.e YOUR-SALES/THANK-YOU-PAGE.html and ‘Return Parameters’ as ‘customer_id={customer_id}&signup_payment_id={signup_payment_id}’. Fill the remaining form as per your requirements


Add ‘Webhook Endpoints’ as ‘YOUR-OSI-URL/sales/chargify_recurring’, tick ‘Renewal Success’ and ‘Save/Update’



Now create YOUR-SALES/THANK-YOU-PAGE.html page on your website and add this code after your page body starting tag <body>

<script>var subdomain = 'YOUR-OSI-SUBDOMAIN';</script>

<script src="https:///YOUR-OSI-URL/js/chargify-sale.js" async></script>

Step 3

Go to your admin settings on our software

Then 3rd party integration

Then Chargify Integration

Now put here the noted down ‘Your API v1 Key’ and Chargify ‘Subdomain’.