How to setup a SIM Affiliate Program


Authorize.Net, a subsidiary of Visa Inc, founded in 1996 to cater future payment gateway services. It’s one of the oldest & most popular payment gateway system. They allow small and medium-sized merchants to accept electronic check and credit card payments over their website and on IP connections. Complex infrastructure and necessary security ensure merchants the fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net offers simple checkout, fraud protection and recurring billing subscriptions. To keep your businesses running smooth, there’s 24x7 free support. Over 400,000 merchants trust it since its inception. Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.


Go to your OSI Affiliate Software “Landing And Thankyou Page” and copy code

Login to your account & go to  menu -> account -> settings -> Silent post URL. Specify path to Paste the copied code into code.

This is an example how the code will look once embedded into your code. This is only an example, do not use this code below you have to just generate a button yourself and embed the code above into the button. If you need help contact us.

To generate the code fingerprint variable for name 'x_fp_hash' in the below mentioned Example form you have to use this.

loginID = 'XXXXXXXX';

transactionKey = 'XXXXXXXX';

if(phpversion() >= '5.1.2') { $fingerprint = hash_hmac('md5', loginID . '^' . sequence . '^' . timeStamp . '^' . amount . '^', transactionKey); } else { $fingerprint = bin2hex(mhash(MHASH_MD5, loginID . '^' . sequence . '^' . timeStamp . '^' . amount . '^', transactionKey)); }


<form action="" method="post"><br />

<input name="x_login" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_amount" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_description" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_fp_sequence" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_fp_timestamp" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_fp_hash" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_test_request" type="hidden" value="XXXXXXXX" /><br />

<input name="x_show_form" type="hidden" value="PAYMENT_FORM" /><br />

<script language="JavaScript" src="https://YOUR-OSI-SUBDOMAIN/getaffau.php" type="text/javascript"><br>


That's it. You are now integrated with SIM.

That is all that is required for our software to work. Please click 'Finish' to complete the wizard.