Other than English, if the Affiliate is comfortable with another language, then you can easily translate the language by following the steps below

Step 1. From the Admin Dashboard, click on "Set Up Software".

Step 2. Under "Settings", click on the blue button "Translate Software".

Step 3. Select your preferred language.

Step 4. On the list of pages, click on the Translate Now link

Here is the list of pages that you can translate with the new layout.

  • Registration Page (New Layout 3)
  • Menus (New Layout) 2
  • Home (New Layout) 2
  • My Rewards (New Layout)
  • My Rewards (New Layout, reward earned list)
  • Commission Detail Page (New Layout)
  • Commission Sale View Page (New Layout)
  • Modify Profile (New Layout)
  • Sub ID Tracking (New Layout)
  • Stats (New Layout 2, similar)
  • Initial password change page

Step 5. Click on the Text area (Dotted box) to change it.

Step 6. Modify the field and click "Translate Now".