Lead Tracking is required on Service based businesses or business where they do not sell directly on the site, but they need to get leads and then if the lead converts, a commission wil be paid to the affiliate.

Lead Tracking Form can be customized with different fields, so we can generate and help you with the Code.

1. The Affiliate can see a link on their Dashboard that can be shared.

2. That link will open a Lead Tracking page with a form as shown below, so that the lead should fill the form and click "Submit" or the lead could call the number and give the unique promo code which is assigned to an affiliate.

3. Once a Lead has submitted the Form, Admin Dashboard will show the Affiliate email whom the Lead belongs to

4. To check the details of it, click on Affiliate Email as shown below. If the Campaign has been setup to approve the Lead, status stays as "Approve Now"

5. The following page shows the details of the Lead as Name, Email, Phone. The Status can be changed to Approved and click "Submit"