1. From the Admin Dashboard, click on "Referral Programs".

2. Under "Manage Campaign", click on "+Add".

3. Fill the necssary details and click "Continue".

4. In the following page, select the Landing Page option as "Coupon with Template" or "Coupon with Image" and fill details.

5. After filling the details, under the Coupon Code option, select "Affiliate ID for Coupon Code".

6. Fill in the following options & click "Finish" at the bottom.

7.  Then go to "Campaigns".

8. Go back to the dashboard and click on Set Up Software. 

9. Then click on settings then show advanced settings. 

9. Next page, under Other Integration Option, click on "Learn More".

10. In the next, click on Mobile Friendly Page.

11. In the following page, click the link saying "Mobile Friendly Link" across the specific Referral Program.

12. In the next page, the Customer or the Retailer can enter their email address.

13. The Sales page appears as below, where the Affiliate Code and the Sale Amount can be added.