How to setup a Squarespace Affiliate Program

Follow the directions below to see how to setup a SquareSpace affiliate program with the Omnistar Affiliate Software.

Step 1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on "Setup".

Step 2. Under Set up Software, click the link saying "Link Software to My Store".

Step 3. Select the shopping cart as "Squarespace" and copy the code given.

Step 4. Login into your Squarespace shopping cart.

Step 5. Under Website option, click on your site.

Step 6. Getting into the site option, click on "Settings".

Step 7. Under Settings -> click on "Advanced".

Step 8. Under Advanced, click on "Code Injection".

Step 9. Scroll down to Order Confirmation Page option and paste the Code you copied from the Dashboard and click "Save" at the top.