With OSI Affiliate Software, you can enable your affiliates to promote your business with Squarespace.

To set it up, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Login to your OSI Affiliate Software admin account and click on Set Up Software.

Step 2. Click on Setup Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Step 3. Select the referral program you want to enable the social sharing feature.

Step 4. Fill out the Title, Description and upload the Image for each tab dedicated per social media platform. Changes here will reflect on your affiliate's dashboard.

Step 5. For these to display correctly, you must edit configure your website. Login into your Squarespace admin panel and click on Edit Site.

Step 6. Upload the logo or the graphic that you want to be seen when share on social media. Click on Design.

Step 7. Select Social Sharing.

Step 8. Click on the upload button for social sharing logo.

Step 9. Click on back and select Marketing.

Step 10. Select SEO.

Step 11. Fill out the fields for Title and Description. Click on Save once done.