Step 1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to Setup -> Settings, click on "Social Icons Settings".

Step 2. And then select the Referral Program.

Step 3. In the following page, check the box to enable the option and click "Update".

Step 4. Login into your Weebly shopping cart.

Step 5. On the following page, click on "Edit Site".

Step 6. On the next page, scroll down and click and drag the "Social Icons" towards the right pane.

Step 7. Once the Social Icons button has been moved to the right, it appears as shown below.

Step 8. Now click on the icon/icons and then click on "Manage Icon".

Step 9. Then click on the relevant Application name to which you need to modify the image.

Step 10. After clicking the name, just add the Profile URL. Save or Publish the site once everything is done.