Type 1: You can upgrade to your plan by submitting a ticket

1. Enter into your admin Dashboard and click 'Free 1-On-1 Help' option as shown below

2. Then click on the 'Submit a ticket' option to submit a help desk ticket to upgrade your account

3. Click on the 'New Support ticket' to generate a ticket for your account upgradation

4. Please enter the required fileds and click submit as shown below

Type 2: You can also send upgradation request using Live Chat

1. Please click on the icon as shown below to start a Live Chat

2.You can start type your message in Live Chat requesting for Account upgradation

Type 3:  You can also Call Us @407-358-7198 and request for your Account Upgrade.

Type 4:  You can also Email us at support@osiaffiliate.com and request for your Account Upgrade.