Type 1: You can cancel your account within the software

1. To cancel the account within the software, get into the admin Dashboard and click on the admin name on the upper right corner as shown below. Then click on the Modify profile option

2. Then click on the Cancel Account option as shown below

3. After clicking on the 'Cancel Account' option you have to enter 'Delete' in the box  and then click in the 'Cancel' button as shown below

Type 2: You can also cancel your account by sending a ticket

1. To cancel your account by sending a ticket, click on the 'Free 1 on 1 Help' option as shown below

2. Then click on the 'Submit a Help Desk ticket' option to generate a ticket to cancel the account

3. Click on the 'New Support ticket' to generate a ticket for your account cancellation

4. Please enter the required fields and click submit as shown below

Type 3: You can also send cancellation requests using Live Chat

1. Please click on the icon as shown below to start a Live Chat

2. Click on Support, you can start to type your message in Live Chat requesting Cancellation.

Type 4: You can also Call Us @407-358-7198 and request for your Cancellation

Type 5: You can also Email us at support@osiaffiliate.com and request for your Cancellation.