How to setup Active Campaign with Omnistar Affiliate Software

Active Campaign has everything you need to execute a successful email campaign. It’s easy to setup your own email templates for automated email sequences or newsletters. Active campaign automation tracks what you want your sales funnel to look like, give you an easy overview of funnel and how you want it to act on different situations. Active Campaign is a best investment that you could make in your business, its price is much low for everything it does.

Step 1: Login to your Active Campaign account.

Step 2: Note down your API URL & Key on Settings page.

Step 3: Create list per Affiliate Program.

Step 4: For viewing list ID, you need to click created list and view its ID from the URL.

Step 5: From Admin Dashboard, go to Setup -> Settings and click on "Third Party Integration".

Step 6: Then click on "Active Campaign Integration".

Step 7: Now put the API URL and API Key here that was noted earlier. Add the list ID next to the program name.

Now you are ready and new user registrations will go to active campaign contacts.