How to setup recurly without return URL with Omnistar Affiliate Software

Step 1: Login to your Recurly account.

Step 2: After login, please note down your "Private API Key".

Step 3: Now add the new Webhooks.

Step 4: Add ‘Endpoint Name’ and ‘Endpoint URL’ http://YOUR-OSI-URL/sales/recurly_webhooks?method=2.

Step 5: In the Landing page, add the follwing code.

<script>var subdomain = 'YOUR-SUBDOMAIN-ON-OSI';</script>
<script src="http://YOUR-OSI-URL/js/recurly-sale.js" async></script>
<div id="st_code"></div>

Create an order/subscribe page on your website and add following code. Your all users should subscribe using the URL.

<a id="account_code" href="https://YOUR-RECURLY-PLAN-URL">Subscribe!</a>
<script src="http://YOUR-OSI-URL/js/recurly-order.js" async></script>

Step 6: From Admin Dashboard, go to Setup -> Settings and click on "Third Party Integration".

Step 7: Then click on "Recurly Integration".

Step 8: Now add Recurly subdomain and API Key that we have noted down in step 1 ‘Private API Key’.

Now our software will register all new subscriptions and recurring bills on the Recurly.