Follow the steps below to complete the OSI Affiliate Software Setup.

STEP - 1 (Adding the sales tracking code to your site)

Shown below is the main dashboard screen that you will see right when you log in to the admin area.

STEP 2. Click on Set up Software on Left.

STEP 3. Now click on "Link Software to My Store"

You will be landed on the page (Link Software to My Store)

STEP 4. Click on the down arrow under  (Select your shopping cart and follow the instructions)

Select your shopping cart

Note: If your shopping cart is not listed then choose "General"

If your shopping cart is available. Select the shopping cart (For Example Shopify)

To integrate sale tracking with Shopify, Follow the Instructions

STEP 5. Now click on copy Icon to copy the script and add this script to Thank You Page of the software.

Still, if you face any problem in integration. Select Free 1-on-1 Help then click Help Center and you will get a new page.

Now click on Request Software Integration. Our product specialist will assist you in doing the setup.

STEP 6: (Adding link to user sign up page)

To add a link to the affiliate sign up page to your website, go back to your dashboard and click on Configure Sign Up Page.

Shown below is the link to the page.

Now click on the View Sign Up Page

Now you will get the signup page. It's a new window with the name Referral software

On the above page, you can change the Logo to your own Logo. You can update the text in the right and Left

To do that, go back to the Affiliate software tab and click on Customize.

This will open a new tab

On this screen, you can customize the details. You can add a logo (Click on Upload Icon to add logo). Select the photo and click on Open. Once it is uploaded click on the Update

Next step for customizing the registration page click on Customize Page Fields.

Now you can view all the registered details like First Name / Last Name / Email / Choose Password / Confirm Password

If you want to add more fields click on edit and add them to the fields

If you want to remove any fields click on delete Icon

If you want to add any new field click on Add New Field Icon

If you want to preview the changes click on View Sign Up Page.

You can view all the changes which are done in the above pages will reflect on your webpage. You can add a link to your page header or footer. Once the clients click on the link it will open up the referral setup page