“Get More Stripe Sales And Traffic”

If you would like to create a referral program contest for your Stripe affiliates to encourage referrals through a competitive atmosphere, Omnistar Affiliate Software provides a way for you to do it. An Omnistar referral contest will allow you to reward the Stripe affiliate the sends the amount of leads or sales that you set to win the contest. 

To set this up, follow the step by step instructions below:

1. Login to your admin control panel.

2. Go to Getting Started -> Settings


3. Click on the Set Up a Contest button shown here:


4. Turn on the contest by completing the fields shown here:


5. Now when your Stripe affiliates login to their user area dashboard, they will see a contest link as shown here:


6. From this area the Stripe affiliates will be able to see a leader board and keep track of where they stand in the contest.


7. On the date that the contest is over you can check the results and then reward the winning Stripe affiliate accordingly.