“Get More Ecwid Sales And Traffic”

Why you would use this feature?

If you would like to provide your Ecwid affiliates with a coupon code that they can give out to people instead of giving them their Ecwid affiliate link, this feature is what you would use. When this feature is implemented, if a customers uses a Ecwid affiliate promo code, they will get a discount for their purchase and the Ecwid affiliate will get credited their commission for referring the sale.


1. From Admin Dashboard, click on Referral Programs and then Promotional Settings.

2. Under Promotional Settings, click on "Promo Code Tracking".

3. In the next page, click on "Add Promo Code Tracking".


4.  Type the Coupon Code that you created in your shopping cart, select the corresponding user and then select the referral program. Click "Submit".


5. Now that you have added the coupon code, you will need to make an update to the sales tracking code that you added to your order confirmation page. Before you update this code on the confirmation page you will need to find out from Ecwid what the variable name for the promo code is and if it can be referenced on the thank you page. If your Ecwid provides this you will need to add this to the section of your sales tracking code that is shown below:

/PromoCode:%%name of coupon variable%%


Note: Where it says %%name of coupon variable%%, you will need to replace that with the name of the coupon code variable that your shopping cart company provides.

Once you complete the steps above your Ecwid affiliates will be able to give out the code you assign for them which will give the customer a discount and calculate a commission for the referring Ecwid affiliate.