There are currently many ways in which your Ecwid by Lightspeed affiliates can promote your business through an Ecwid by Lightspeed referral program, and our software can make it easier. One of the ways that you can enable them is through email templates that contain your own precise details.  To add email templates for your affiliates, please follow these instructions below:

Step 1. From the Admin Dashboard, click "Referral Programs" and then "Promotional Settings".

Step 2. Under "Promotional Settings", click the " Email Templates" button.

Step 3. Click "+Add Email Templates".

Step 4. Fill the required fields and optionally upload a picture to include in the email and click "Submit".

Step 5. Your affiliates can access the email templates from their dashboard by clicking the icon shown here, upon clicking the button, they can copy and paste the subject and body of the template they want to use shown here: