Thank you for signing up to be a reseller of the Omnistar Affiliate software. We know that our software will be a benefit to you and your clients.

Follow the steps below to setup your white label resold account for your clients.

Step 1: Sign up your resold account for your client by going to the initial reseller promo code link provided by your Omnistar reseller account representative.

Step 2: Setup a custom domain for your clients URL by following these instructions:

A: Go to your domain registrar or web hosting provider which manages your DNS records for your domain name and setup a cname record that you can point to the domain.


For Example if your DNS is managed by the domain registrar Godaddy, add a cname Zone record as shown in the example here:




**Note: Your CNAME Host can be anything you want and just needs to point to your account domain location you have with us.


B : Once you have created the CNAME record as shown above you will then need to go to your OSI Affiliate Admin control panel and at setup.



C : Click at Use My Domain under Setup section and Add your new CNAME in the field shown below and click Add domain:


Note : Wait about 5 to 10 minutes before checking the domain. It should be active after about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Register an SSL Cert for your selected CNAME record and send Omnistar support the answers to the following to they can generate a CSR file for you:

Common Name:  (ie. this is like


Organization Unit: 

City or Locality:

State or Province:



* A recommended SSL company that charges approx $10 annually for SSL certs is Namecheap

Step 4: After you send the CSR info to Omnistar, we will send you back a CSR file that you can then upload to your SSL company.

Step 5: Your SSL company will then email you the SSL certificate in a Zip file. You should then take the zip file and email it to Omnistar support so we can install it on your account.

Step 6: Once your SSL cert is installed on your server, Omnistar will then enable the white label features of your account so there will be no links or references to back to Omnistar. 

You can then proceed with setting up the account for your client or give them access so they can setup the account.