For resellers that want to white label their clients sub accounts, follow these instructions so that if they setup facebook sharing, the url in the facebook post points back to their clients domain and not ours.

Step 1.

Setup a Facebook Developers account to register an app here:

Step 2. 

Click Create App shown here:

Step 3. 

Add Display Name and Contact email:

Step 4. 

Click on Settings and then Basic Shown here:

Step 5.

Fill in the the clients subdomain and main domain here:

**Note: The App domains have to be on a secure server. You however do not need to put the https when you type in as shown above.

Step 6.

Fill in all of the other fields shown here:

Step 7.

After reviewing all info, click “Save Changes” button shown here:

Step 8.

Add APP ID and APP URL into master area of sub account here: