OSI Affiliate software is fully compatible with Squarespace websites and online stores. 

Below are some common questions about this powerful integration.

How exactly do you integrate a Squarespace store with OSI Affiliate Software?

OSI Affiliate Software can be easily integrated into Squarespace by simply adding a small snippet of code on the Order confirmation page. This can be done by going to your Squarespace settings page and then the code injection section.

How do you get people to sign up for your affiliate program after you have integrated the OSI Affiliate program into your site?

OSI Affiliate Software provides two options for  signing up your affiliates. You can embed the affiliate sign up page into any page of your site or you can link out to the default affiliate sign up page provided in the software.

How do your affiliates promote your products once they sign up for your program?

Upon signing up for your affiliate program, your affiliates will get access to a dashboard where they will be able to promote your products and services. In the dashboard, your affiliates will have access to their unique affiliate link, social sharing graphics, written emails and more so that they can effectively promote your products on many various platforms.

How do you payout your affiliate commissions after they start earning?

The OSI Affiliate software will keep track of all the commissions that you owe your affiliates. This is done through generated commission invoices that are generated by the software as your affiliates start sending referred sales.