If you are currently offering a membership subscription service and you are using the Recurly recurring billing platform, you may now use Omnistar Affiliate Software to setup a recurring affiliate program where you pay affiliates a recurring commission. 

The Omnistar Affiliate Software integration with the Recurly recurring billing platform can be done by following the steps below.

Step 1. Login to your Recurly account and click on Integrations and API Credentials. Note down your API Key for later.

Step 2. Click on Integrations, select Webhooks and click on the Configure button.

Step 3. Type in any Endpoint name and use the following format for the Endpoint URL. Click on the Save Changes button.


Example URL: https://demo.ositracker.com/sales/recurly_webhooks?method=2

Step 4. In the affiliate program landing page, add the following code.

<script src="https://YOUR-OSI-URL/js/recurly-landing.js" async></script>

Replace “YOUR-OSI-URL” with your OSI URL

Example: demo.ositracker.com.

Step 5. Create an order/subscribe page on your website and add the following code. Your all users should subscribe using this URL.

<a id="account_code" href="https://YOUR-RECURLY-PLAN-URL">Subscribe!</a>

<script src="http://YOUR-OSI-URL/js/recurly-order.js" async></script>

Replace “YOUR-RECURLY-PLAN-URL” with your recurly plan URL

Example: https://company1.recurly.com/subscribe/plan2

And replace “YOUR-OSI-URL” with your OSI URL

Example: demo.ositracker.com.

Step 6. Login to your OSI Affiliate Software admin dashboard. Click on Set Up Software.

Step 7. Click on Settings and click Third Party Integrations button.

Step 8. Scroll down and click on Recurly Integration.

Step 9. Type your Recurly subdomain (your recurly name before recurly.com i.e company1 in company1.recurly.com) and API Key (copied “Private API Key” in Step 1).

Now OSI Affiliate software will register all new subscriptions and recurring bills from the Recurly.