How does OSI Affiliate Software Integrate with Magento?

Answer: OSI Affiliate Software integrates with Magento Shopping cart by placing a small snippet of code on your Magento order thank you page.

How do affiliates sign up for my affiliate program?

Answer: Affiliates can sign up using a built in customizable sign up page that you can link to from your site or you can embed the affiliate sign up form into one of your existing store pages.

How do my affiliates promote?

Answer: Your affiliates will be able to promote from their affiliate user dashboard where they will receive their affiliate link, and options to share on social media.

How do I promote my affiliate program once I launch it?

Answer: We recommend that you email all your customers and everyone on your mailing list to alert them that you have just launched your affiliate program.

How do I pay out commissions to my affiliates?

Answer: The easiest way to payout commissions is through PayPal. OSI Affiliate software has a directly integration with PayPal so you can payout all your affiliates through the PayPal mass pay feature.