When you first get our software, one of the things that we recommend that you do is email all your customers and let them know that you just launched a referral program.” To make this easy for you to do we have provided an email template that you can use with your email newsletter provider as you can see here. So if you have Mailchimp, constant contact, or active campaign or any email mailing list system you can use this template.”

Send the email template to your customer. Once  they click the start earning commission today

They will be asked to enter a password after the click the start referring button they get access to there affiliate dashboard.

Follow the steps below on how to set this up:

Step 1. Login to your OSI Affiliate Software admin dashboard and click on Promote.

Step 2. Click on Learn More button under Easily Enroll All Your Customer.

Step 3. Download the CSV file containing your customer email address and their first and last name from your email mailing list system. Upload it in the field provided and click Upload.