Did you know that your order transaction emails have the highest open rate of any emails? For this reason, we highly recommend that you add a link to your affiliate program in these emails.

In this example with Weebly, follow the steps below on how to set it up.

Step 1. Login to your Weebly admin panel and click on Manage Store.

Step 2. Click on Store Emails.

Step 3. Under Email Previews, you can select which transaction emails you would like to put a code for your affiliate link. Just click on the ellipses and select Edit Email.

Step 4. Click and drag Embed code where you want to put in the email .

Step 5. Put the code below.

<a href="http://arlentest.ositracker.com" style="text-decoration:underline;" target="_blank" >Sign up for our Referral Program</a> and earn a 20% commission on all referred sales Today.


Note: Replace arlentest with your actual ositracker URL.

Step 6. Click on Publish once done.