As soon as you launch your referral program we highly recommend that you email all your customers a special enrollment link that will dynamically create their account. All your customers will need to do is set their password and they will then be given immediate access to their dashboard where they can start promoting. 

Follow the steps below on how to do this.

Step 1. Login to your Weebly account and click on Marketing.

Step 2. Click on Contacts and select Mailing Lists.promote-export-contacts-groups-page

Step 3.  Click on the list you want to export. Click the Export button to download a CSV file of all contacts in this mailing lists.


Step 4.  Login to your OSI Affiliate Software and click on Promote.

Step 5.  Click on Enroll Customers and upload the CSV file to download an updated file.

Step 6. Login to your Mailchimp account.

Step 7.   Click on the "lists" link on the top navigation and click the "Create List" buttons shown below.

Step 8.  Fill in all the fields to create your list shown below and click "Save".

Step 9. Click on "Add Contacts" and then drop down to "Import Contacts"

Step 10. Select the "CSV or tab-delimited text file" option and click "Next".

Step 11. "Browse" in the CSV file which was sent back to you from our support team and click "Next".

Step 12. Map the "first name", "last name" and "email address" fields by clicking the "Save" button below each.

Step 13. Select "Edit" under the sign up link field and select to create a new field of type "Website", then click "Next".

Step 14. On final confirmation screen, select your subscription options and then click "Import".

Step 15.  Now that you have the contacts imported, you can setup your email campaign to email these customers. Click "Campaigns" and then "Create Campaign"

Step 16. Click the "Create an Email" option.

Step 17. Enter Campaign Name and click "Begin"

Step 18. Click "Add Recipients" and then select the list you previously imported.

Step 19. Click buttons to "Add From" address and "Add Subject"

Step 20Click the "Design Email" button.

Step 21. Select your email template option and then click "Next"


Step 22. Add your desired text for the email and then select the "Merge Tag" then select the "sign up link" to have the sign up link appear wherever you want in the email.

Step 23Now that the sign up link merge tag appears in the email, just review and click "Save & Close"

Step 24. You are now ready to send out the email to promote your referral program to all your customers. Click "Schedule" or "Send" to send out message or you can click the "Finish Later" link to finish the campaign later.

Step 25. Once you send out the email and it is received by your customers, if they click the special link in the email, it will take them to the special page shown below where all they have to do is set a password and it will immediately log them in so they can start referring people to you. There is no long registration process for them. You may also customize the page below with your own logo and text.