If you would like to create your own unique landing page for your affiliates rather than having them just use their affiliate link to go to your site you may do this.  For example you could create a unique page for them at a location like this:  http://www.yourdomain.com/jim

The landing page can then link to your site where you are selling your products and services and the affiliate will get credit for referring the sale.

Step 1. Login to your OSI Affiliate Software admin account and click on Users.

Step 2. Click on the blue pencil icon of the affiliate you want to create a special landing page.

Step 3. On the Update User page, click the Create a page for this user link.

Step 4. Select the Referral Program and copy the Code as shown below.

Step 5. Login to your Weebly admin account and click on Manage Store.

Step 6. Click on Pages and the plus (+) sign to add a new page for your affiliate.

Step 7. Select Standard Page.

Step 7. Name the page with your affiliate's name and check on the box for Hide in Navigation. Then, click on SEO Settings.

Step 7. Paste the code copied from OSI Affiliate Software and paste it in the Header Code section and click on Publish.

Step 8. Go back to OSI Affiliate Software and put the URL of the special landing page in Affiliate Link to Show in Portal field.