How to setup a custom reward program for your Wix Affiliate program

The OSI Affiliate Software gives you the ability to setup affiliate programs where you can pay affiliates, a percentage of a sale total, a fixed amount as well as a custom reward that you decide based on the sales they refer. You could provide your affiliates with any type of reward you want. It could be a gift card, a special gift or really anything you decide.

To setup a custom reward program please follow the steps shown below:


Step 1. Login to your admin dashboard and click on Referral Programs. Click the pencil icon.

Step 2. Add the details of your program and then select "Something other than money"  for the drop-down menu of *How would you like to pay your users and update.

Step 3. Finish

Step 4. Click manage rewards. Add new rewards

Step 5. Fill out the details then submit.

Step 6. If you want to assign the rewards to an affiliate click view that earned reward.