OSI Affiliate Software's promo code tracking allows your affiliates to promote your products or services with a discount code without the use of an affiliate link. This is an excellent feature if your affiliates are on Instagram, radio shows, or podcasts. With Wix, this process can be done by following the process below.

Step 1. To assign the code log in to your OSI admin account and click referral program.

Step 2. Click promotional settings and select Promo Code Tracking.

Step 4. Assign the code make sure to create the code first with Wix shopping cart.

Step 5. Log in to your Wix admin account and click on Orders. Select the Orders by checking on the box and clicking Export.

Step 6. Login to your OSI Admin portal and click on Rewards.

Step 7. Click the button of Wix Promo Code Sales Import.

Step 7. Import the CSV file exported from Wix.

Note: Only sales with promo codes mapped to an affiliate will be imported. To map a coupon code to an affiliate, refer to this article: How to Set up Coupon Code Tracking